Our Values

We recognise that people affected by brain injury can struggle against overwhelming odds to re-establish themselves in their altered lives and may lack awareness of how they have been changed by the injury. In working with our clients and carers, our approach is always to focus on the needs of the individual. Serious Brain Injury can cause complex and unique challenges to an individual – physically cognitively and behaviourally, which are difficult to grasp – let alone overcome.

The values which inform our actions and ways of working are empathy, sensitivity and client focus. We work with our clients and their families and carers to find ways to support each person to establish a ‘new normal’.

“We have been coming to Headway South Bucks' Resource Centre for a number of years now, and Dave still really looks forward to his visits each week. For me, it's a chance to get some respite from my caring duties, which I appreciate immensely. We also particularly enjoy the special "buddying" system which HSB puts in place for outings, as it means I can be secure in the knowledge that should anything happen, Dave is in safe hands. All in all Headway South Bucks has been a lifeline for us.”

Vanda, speaking of her brain injured husband Dave, June 2013

"My wife and I have been involved with HSB for the last two years. My wife, as a client, has found the activities stimulating, and looks forward to her sessions, where she has discovered new skills as an artist. HSB has also introduced initiatives for carers such as myself, and these are useful forums in which we can get support from people who know and understand the kind of problems we encounter. i.e. each other. 
HSB supports both clients and their carers, and the staff are persistent in efforts to improve and enhance these services."

David, speaking of his brain injured wife Rosemary, July 2013