Headway South Bucks has grown enormously since its modest beginnings in 1995 as a small group of 8 Clients, 1 Coordinator and 1 Volunteer, working one day a week out of the Speech Therapy Centre in Amersham.

Whilst based at Amersham, Headway South Bucks became a separate entity, and soon moved to St. Thomas’ Church Hall in Beaconsfield. It was here that we were able to increase our numbers to 14 Clients and it soon became clear that there was demand for us to run a second session each week, so the hunt began for an alternative location. 

Picture of Community Centre, Bourne End
It was agreed that the Community Centre in Wakeman Road, Bourne End offered us the right mix of facilities and so we moved. We run our Resource centre three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We offer a wide range of different activities and are always actively looking at options to increase and enrich our services. See Our Services for further information on our current and potential future services.


In parallel to our Resource Centre growing and moving location, we started working on other activities in 1998, when we organised two weekends away for Clients. The weekends went well, but the learnings taught us that we needed more volunteers, and that outings which involved both Clients and Carers would be most enjoyable for all. We are very proud to announce the recent introduction of our Carers Support Programme which we hope you will agree is testament to the huge amount of effort put in by the entire team to respond to the needs of this extremely important group.