Carers Support Programme (CSP)

As part of our service, we offer our Carers Support Programme. This is available to all non-paid carers and immediate family members involved in the care of our clients. Throughout the delivery of the CSP, we aim to recognise the responsibilities and challenges that could be faced by anyone caring for someone with an acquired brain injury.

There are four key elements to our Carer’s Support Programme:

  • Outings and Special Events
  • Networking and Support Sessions
  • Individual support (TLC)
  • “Helping Hands” Emergency Fund

Outings and Special Events

We organise a number of outings and events throughout the year. These are a great opportunity for our clients and their carers to relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about a thing. We regularly attend the theatre, visit local attractions and celebrate Christmas with our annual Headway South Bucks Christmas Lunch. 

Networking and Support Sessions

These sessions take place every 6-8 weeks and aim to provide an opportunity for carers to meet together and share experiences, strategies and advice for coping in a comfortable, relaxed setting. We organise these sessions during Resource Centre hours so that our carers can ensure their loved ones are being well-cared for.

Individual Support (TLC)

Being a carer can be both stressful and time-consuming, in recognition of this, we offer our individual support or TLC. This covers such a wide range of services that will be tailored to each carer but below are a few areas where we have helped in the past:

  • Gardening or DIY
  • Help with the housework or spring cleaning
  • Pampering session at a local spa or a haircut
  • Visit to the cinema or theatre with a friend
  • Attending a yoga or fitness class 


“Helping Hands” Emergency Fund

Through our “Helping Hands” Emergency Fund, we offer financial support to carers and their families at times of genuine emergency or hardship. This fund is in addition to offering advice on Local Emergency Support or directing you to other sources of information and is available to all our existing clients, non-paid carers and immediate family members involved in the care of one of our clients. To apply, download an Application Form here.

To find out more about any of the individual elements mentioned above, please click on the following links or contact Jenny Sexton on 07704 860754/01628 850315 or email