Resource Centre Photo Gallery

Click the links below to share in some of our recent activities in our Resource Centre. You'll find more photos from our popular trips and other events in our Main Photo Gallery.


Ice_creams_270618Wednesday 27th June 2018 - was a very warm day so we went to Bourne Desserts and treated ourselves to ice creams - click here


Alpacas_050618Tuesday 5th June - Alpacas visit our Resource Centre - click here

Client IPads Mar18March 2018 - Resource Centre activities - click here

Easter Baskets 220318Thursday 22nd March - Easter baskets with Carol - click here

One of of our very talented volunteers, Carol, assisted with arranging Easter Baskets. The pictures speak for themselves.


Adrian BroadwayThursday 15th March - Adrian Broadway (musician) - click here


Reindeer_301117Thursday 30th November - Reindeer Visit and Festive Fish and Chip Lunch - click here


Arts and CraftsResource Centre Arts and Crafts 2016 - click here

Food and Cooking Res Centre 2016Resource Centre Food and Cooking activity sessions 2016 - click here

MusicResource Centre Musical Activities 2016 - click here

Resource Centre Oct 26Wednesday 26th October  - click here

As you can see we did Digital Art with two clients. Jane came in and taught the clients how to do crocheting as well and then we carved pumpkins for Halloween. A busy Wednesday!!!


National Coffee Day 290916National Coffee Day 29 September 2016 - click here
Thursday 29th September was National Coffee Day, and as part of our Resource Centre activities a group visited the local Costa Coffee.

Reptiles23 March 2016 - Reptile Visitors - click here


Halloween 2015Halloween 2015 - click here

Hot Dogs and Ice Cream23 July 2015 - Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Day - click here

Thursday 23rd July was National Hot Dog day and National Vanilla ice cream day so we decided to embrace this at Headway!
Some of our clients helped prepare the onions for our hot dogs as well as some nice salad to go with them. Everyone enjoyed a lovely lunch followed by vanilla ice cream of course!

Pizza MakingJuly 2015 - Wednesday Group Pizza Making - click here
Our Wednesday group enjoyed a pizza making session. Everyone made their own pizza which they then ate for lunch with a nice salad they had also prepared.

Jun-Jul ActivitiesJune-July Resource Centre Activities - click here 

We have had a busy time at HSB over the last few weeks with lots of new activities as well as some of our regular ones. One of the new activities is food preparation and you can see our yummy Rocky Road bars which we made on Rocky Road day! We enjoyed two new sports last month, Unihoc and Wheelchair Basketball. Both were thoroughly enjoyed. With some beautiful sweet peas which were kindly donated by our local florists we made some ice flower decorations. Frances came to lead us in another encaustic wax session which is always popular and we produced some lovely artwork. Last week we had some unexpected visitors, a few ducks! The female duck, as you can see, was bold enough to want to join us in the hall!
Finally Chocolate day (July 7th) was enjoyed by all!

Raised Flower Bed7th July 2015 - Raised Flower Bed established at our Resource Centre - click here


Eileen Leaving 11/12/14 11th December 2014 - Eileen's leaving Presentation - click here

Resource Centre Sept 14September 2014 - Activities at our Resource Centre - click here

Loraine_Archery_27051427th May 2014 - Archery at SportsAble - click here

Encaustic Wax ArtApril 2014 Resource Centre Activities - click here


Carers'Support Programme Preview 27 July 1327th July - Carers' Support Programme Preview - click here